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  • Aplets & Cotlets

    Aplets & Cotlets

    Give our original confections, made the same way for 100 years! The blossom-fresh flavor of crisp Wash... 

  • Classic Fruit Chocolates

    Classic Fruit Chocolates

    The gift that chocolate lovers rave about! We dip our classic candies in a premium blend of creamy milk... 

  • Fruit Delights

    Fruit Delights

    Gift boxes of our popular 6-flavor assortment! Know someone who likes to try a little bit of everything... 

  • Northwest Delights

    Northwest Delights

    The best of the Pacific Northwest! Looking for something delicious, new and different to send this year... 

  • Pecan Delights

    Pecan Delights

    The ultimate confection for pecan-lovers! Each box arrives filled with pecan-packed flavors old and new... 

  • Dessert Delights

    Dessert Delights

    Four decadent flavors to savor! Our latest assortment of Delights includes four tempting flavors inspir... 

  • Dark Berry Chocolates

    Dark Berry Chocolates

    Our berry best flavors! Includes Boysenberry-Hazelnut, Blueberry-Almond, Strawberry-Walnut, Raspberry-... 

  • Berry Conserve Sparklers

    Berry Conserve Sparklers

    All our "berry best" Sparklers in one box! Each of our conserve candies is bursting with the taste of f... 

  • Dark Maraschino Cherry Chocolates

    Dark Maraschino Cherry Chocolates

    Experience our own rendition of a "cherry cordial"! We've added generous chunks of real Maraschino cher... 

  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

    Tastes right out of Arabian Nights! Our fruit-and-nut candies are actually derived from locoum, also kn... 

  • Rose & Lemon Delight

    Rose & Lemon Delight

    Two traditional flavors in one gift box! Here's a custom box filled exclusively with our fragrant Rose-... 

  • Old Country Locoum

    Old Country Locoum

    Our ORIGINAL locoum assortment! Includes Rose-Pistachio, Cinnamon-Walnut, Orange Blossom-Almond, and nu... 

  • 99 Years of Aplets Assortment

    99 Years of Aplets Assortment

    Celebrating our very first fruit-and-nut confection! Our very first candy, Aplets, is still one of our... 

  • Nothing But Aplets

    Nothing But Aplets

    Filled with our very first candies at a limited-time price! We're celebrating the blossom-fresh flavor... 

  • Berry Delights

    Berry Delights

    Bursting with fresh berry flavor! A tempting assortment of our most popular berry flavors in one gift b... 

  • Dark Fruit Chocolates

    Dark Fruit Chocolates

    A bold new way to enjoy our classics! For those who enjoy the rich flavor of dark chocolate, we've take... 

  • Dark Mint Chocolates

    Dark Mint Chocolates

    Smooth candies with a burst of mint! We've taken our cool Mint Julep nut-free candies and drenched the... 

  • Dark Coconut-Almond Chocolates

    Dark Coconut-Almond Chocolates

    Dark chocolates with a nutty crunch! We've loaded our classic coconut candies with crunchy almond bits... 

  • Nut-Free Apple & Apricot Smoothees

    Nut-Free Apple & Apricot Smoothees

    Our purest expression of fruit flavor! Without the nuts, our candies have an irresistible smooth textur... 

  • Nut-Free Fruit Smoothees

    Nut-Free Fruit Smoothees

    Our purest expression of fruit flavor! Without the nuts, our candies have an irresistible smooth textur... 

  • Nut-Free Chocolate Smoothees

    Nut-Free Chocolate Smoothees

    Sensationally smooth and fruity nut-free chocolates! We've drenched our nut-free candies in a luscious ... 

  • Hawaiian Delights

    Hawaiian Delights

    An exotic version of our traditional fruit-and-nut candies! We slow-cook the essences of tropical fruit... 

  • Minis Gift Boxes

    Minis Gift Boxes

    A beautiful presentation of our classics! Our individually-wrapped pieces are the perfect way to enjoy ... 

  • NEW! A Sweet Century Book

    NEW! A Sweet Century Book

    Follow our 100 year history from the founding of Liberty Orchards and creating America's favorite fruit-and-nut candies....