Delicious Gifts, all dressed up for the Holidays! Every holiday season, we take our most popular confections and pack them in decorative boxes, fancy tins, and towers tied with holiday ribbons to reflect the spirit and traditions of Christmas-time. Scroll through the selections below to find the perfect holiday gift for everyone on your shopping list.

  • NEW Merry Centennial Assortment

    NEW Merry Centennial Assortment

    Send them a merry assortment of our most-loved candies! Our new "Sweet Century Assortment" proved so p... 

  • Aplets & Cotlets Holiday Memories Gift Box

    Aplets & Cotlets Holiday Memories Gift Box

    A Sweet Christmas tradition! For 100 years our customers have been sending boxes of Aplets & Cotlets to... 

  • Spirit of the Season Gift Box

    Spirit of the Season Gift Box

    Celebrating "the reason for the season!" This beautifully illustrated gift box features a charming rend... 

  • The Ultimate Deluxe Assortment

    The Ultimate Deluxe Assortment

    A big box of our most popular flavors...wrapped up in golden splendor! It's said that you can't get eno... 

  • Aplets & Cotlets

    Aplets & Cotlets

    Give our original confections, made the same way for 100 years! The blossom-fresh flavor of crisp Wash... 

  • Holiday Temptations

    Holiday Temptations

    A stunning presentation of our finest candies! Send them a generous assortment of the best candies we m... 

  • Holiday Delights

    Holiday Delights

    A delicious way to celebrate this time of year! This special assortment is only available for a limited... 

  • Christmas Tidings Gift

    Christmas Tidings Gift

    Our two favorites, all wrapped up for holiday giving! This beautifully wrapped gift includes on... 

  • Holiday Gift Towers

    Holiday Gift Towers

    Three beautifully wrapped boxes! Imagine their surprise when they see you've given them not one, but th... 

  • Orchard Trio Gift

    Orchard Trio Gift

    Three of our famous originals! We've piled up a trio of our best-selling gift boxes and tied them all t... 

  • Holiday Gift Stacks

    Holiday Gift Stacks

    Delicious variety in three sizes! Now they can experience a new dimension of taste in a gift they'll ne... 

  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

    Tastes right out of Arabian Nights! Our fruit-and-nut candies are actually derived from locoum, also kn... 

  • Deluxe Assortment Gift

    Deluxe Assortment Gift

    The most variety... our 12-flavor assortment of fruit & nut candies! We've combined our most popular f... 

  • Apple Butter Crisp

    Apple Butter Crisp

    A sweet tradition for the holidays! We've covered our Apple Butter candies in bits of crisped rice, th... 

  • Holiday Fruit Chocolates

    Holiday Fruit Chocolates

    Chocolates decorated for the season! We've taken our Strawberry-Walnut, Raspberry-Pecan, Cherry-Pecan, ... 

  • Holiday Checkerboard Cremes,

    Holiday Checkerboard Cremes,

    A deliciously tempting duo of creamy confections! This holiday pleaser is hand-packed with two of our m... 

  • Velvet Mint Crunch

    Velvet Mint Crunch

    A velvety chocolate center is blended with crunchy bits of peppermint candy then drenched in rich dark ... 

  • Candy Cane Cremes

    Candy Cane Cremes

    A new version of an enduring holiday classic! A beloved symbol of the season, the candy cane is a treat... 

  • Hand-Crafted Truffles

    Hand-Crafted Truffles

    Hand-crafted truffle perfection! We start with a silky-smooth ganache center, rolled by hand. Then we c... 

  • Gingerbread Cookies Gift Box

    Gingerbread Cookies Gift Box

    Thick and chewy gingerbread for the holidays! Our gingerbread men and gingerbread trees are loaded with... 

  • Christmas Tree Shortbread Box

    Christmas Tree Shortbread Box

    Our all NEW shortbread is naturally delicious! Looking for a scrumptious gift they're sure to savor? S... 

  • Holly Jolly Gift Bucket

    Holly Jolly Gift Bucket

    Santa's favorite candies, ready for giving or sharing! Looking for a gift that'll make their Christmas... 

  • Holiday Stacked Classics

    Holiday Stacked Classics

    We've taken five of our most popular candy assortments and lovingly hand-packed them into our festive "Snowflake Boxes" ... 

  • Grand Assortments

    Grand Assortments

    A stunning pyramid of holiday treats! Our staggering Grand Assortment has boxes of Fru... 

  • Northwest Trio Gift

    Northwest Trio Gift

    From our home to yours! Here's a trio of candy assortments from the orchards of Washington State to the... 

  • Homestyle Trio Gift

    Homestyle Trio Gift

    Three homestyle favorites in one gift! This beautifully gift-boxed assortment contains a trio of our mo... 

  • Orchard Chocolates Assortment

    Orchard Chocolates Assortment

    We're sure the chocolate lovers on your gift list will agree, if life is like a box of chocolates, life is reall... 

  • Banquet Trays

    Banquet Trays

    A bounty of flavors to suit every taste! These snack-time treasures hold a generous assortment of sweet... 

  • Peppermint Bark

    Peppermint Bark

    A refreshing favorite! We sprinkle crunchy bits of colorful mint candies onto luscious vanilla cream, l... 

  • Salted Caramels

    Salted Caramels

    Chocolate-dipped caramels...with a sweet-n-salty twist! We've taken buttery kettle-cooked caramels, dre... 

  • Classic Golden Gift Tin

    Classic Golden Gift Tin

    A beautiful golden gift tin filled with your choice of classic Aplets & Cotlets or Fruit Delights candi... 

  • Orchard Bar Tidings 10-Flavor Gift

    Orchard Bar Tidings 10-Flavor Gift

    We've taken our deliciously fresh and fruity Orchard Bar 10-flavor Assortment, wrapped it in fruit-covered gift paper, t... 

  • Dried Fruit Trays

    Dried Fruit Trays

    A tray full of delicious dried fruits! Our delicious dried fruits are "nature's candy" - sweet and chew... 

  • Gift Collections

    Gift Collections

    Aplets & Cotlets and Fruit Delights, ready for giving in a celebration sleeve! We've bound our two most... 

  • Fruit Delights

    Fruit Delights

    Gift boxes of our popular 6-flavor assortment! Know someone who likes to try a little bit of everything... 

  • Nut-Free Deluxe Fruit Sparklers

    Nut-Free Deluxe Fruit Sparklers

    Twelve flavorful favorites in all new beautiful packaging! Our elegant Deluxe gift boxes are the ultima... 

  • Nut-Free Deluxe Fruit Smoothees

    Nut-Free Deluxe Fruit Smoothees

    A luscious assortment of nut-free fruit flavors! We've taken our top twelve nut-free, fat-free flavors ... 

  • Northwest Delights

    Northwest Delights

    The best of the Pacific Northwest! Looking for something delicious, new and different to send this year... 

  • Pecan Delights

    Pecan Delights

    The ultimate confection for pecan-lovers! Each box arrives filled with pecan-packed flavors old and new... 

  • Dessert Delights

    Dessert Delights

    Four decadent flavors to savor! Our latest assortment of Delights includes four tempting flavors inspir... 

  • Signature Nuts Gift TIns

    Signature Nuts Gift TIns

    Orchard-grown nuts make an appetizing gift! Our tin is filled with four varieties of premium nuts (Delu... 

  • Berry Bites

    Berry Bites

    A symphony of fruit and chocolate! We take ripe berries and apricots, picked at the height of freshness... 

  • Sugar Free Candy Quartet

    Sugar Free Candy Quartet

    All our sugar-free favorites in one gift-ready box! This popular gift includes sugar-free versions of f... 

  • Sugar-Free Santa's Favorite Gift Box

    Sugar-Free Santa's Favorite Gift Box

    A festive presentation of our sugar-free originals! The sugar-free version of our famous Apple & Walnu... 

  • Sugar-Free Deluxe Assortment

    Sugar-Free Deluxe Assortment

    A dozen of our best sugar-free flavors in one gift! Aplets & Cotlets, Cherry-Pecan, Orange-Walnut, Rasp... 

  • Peanut Butter Bliss

    Peanut Butter Bliss

    Creamy, crispy, and delicious! Our soft peanut butter candy is blended with crisped rice and topped wit...