Fruit Delights

A Delicious Assortment of Six Fruit & Nut Candies! Whether you choose our original Fruit Delight assortment in six orchard-fresh flavors, or try our exotic Hawaiian Fruit Delights with tempting tastes from the islands, our luscious fruit-and-nut candies are sure to please!

  • Fruit Delights

    Fruit Delights

    Gift boxes of our popular 6-flavor assortment! Know someone who likes to try a little bit of everything... 

  • Fruit Delights Square Gift Box

    Fruit Delights Square Gift Box

    A selection of our best-loved candies! We've taken our orchard fresh Fruit Delights and lovingly hand-p... 

  • Sweet Century Gift Assortment

    Sweet Century Gift Assortment

    A fruit-and-nut candy centennial! To celebrate our hundredth year, we've created a gift box featuri... 

  • Berry Delights Square Gift Box

    Berry Delights Square Gift Box

    A selection of our best-loved candies, boxed for the season! We've taken our berry best Berry Delights ... 

  • Pecan Delights Square Gift Box

    Pecan Delights Square Gift Box

    A selection of our best-loved candies, boxed for the season! We've taken our Pecan Delights, and loving... 

  • Dessert Delights Square Gift Box

    Dessert Delights Square Gift Box

    A selection of our best-loved candies, We've taken our dessert-inspired flavor assortment of Dessert De... 

  • Sugar-Free Fruit Delights

    Sugar-Free Fruit Delights

    Smooth, juicy fruit flavors! Here's a deliciously sugar-free version of our popular Fruit Delights. Inc... 

  • Less Sweet Fruit Delights

    Less Sweet Fruit Delights

    A bold new taste for an old favorite! After 96 years of making America's favorite fruit-n-nut candies, ... 

  • Extra Nut Fruit Delights

    Extra Nut Fruit Delights

    For nut-lovers... famous Fruit Delights with 33% more walnuts! In celebration of our 90th Year Annivers... 

  • Sweet Centennial Trio Gift

    Sweet Centennial Trio Gift

    Includes a Story Booklet Free! Celebrating 100 years with a lovely trio of candy assortment... 

  • 32-page A Sweet Century Book

    32-page A Sweet Century Book

    Follow our 100 year history from the founding of Liberty Orchards and creating America's favorite fruit-and-nut candies.... 

  • Northwest Delights

    Northwest Delights

    The best of the Pacific Northwest! Looking for something delicious, new and different to send this year... 

  • Berry Delights

    Berry Delights

    Bursting with fresh berry flavor! A tempting assortment of our most popular berry flavors in one gift b... 

  • Pecan Delights

    Pecan Delights

    The ultimate confection for pecan-lovers! Each box arrives filled with pecan-packed flavors old and new... 

  • Orchard Trio Gift

    Orchard Trio Gift

    Three of our famous originals! We've piled up a trio of our best-selling gift boxes and tied them all t... 

  • Deluxe Assortment Gift

    Deluxe Assortment Gift

    The most variety... our 12-flavor assortment of fruit & nut candies! We've combined our most popular f... 

  • The Ultimate Deluxe Assortment

    The Ultimate Deluxe Assortment

    A big box of our most popular flavors...wrapped up in golden splendor! It's said that you can't get eno... 

  • Hawaiian Delights Trio Gift

    Hawaiian Delights Trio Gift

    All their tropical favorites in one gift! All three of our tempting Hawaiian Delights fruit-and-macadam... 

  • Holiday Stacked Classics

    Holiday Stacked Classics

    We've taken five of our most popular candy assortments and lovingly hand-packed them into our festive "Snowflake Boxes" ... 

  • Gift Collections

    Gift Collections

    Aplets & Cotlets and Fruit Delights, ready for giving in a celebration sleeve! We've bound our two most... 

  • Minis Snack Boxes

    Minis Snack Boxes

    Individually-wrapped pieces of our most popular candies! For those times when you'd like to tuck away j... 

  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

    Tastes right out of Arabian Nights! Our fruit-and-nut candies are actually derived from locoum, also kn... 

  • Hawaiian Delights

    Hawaiian Delights

    An exotic version of our traditional fruit-and-nut candies! We slow-cook the essences of tropical fruit... 

  • Minis Gift Buckets

    Minis Gift Buckets

    A fun way to give our most popular candies! We've filled a charming assortment of durable, 5.5-inch tall Melamine bucket... 

  • Minis Gift Boxes

    Minis Gift Boxes

    A beautiful presentation of our classics! Our individually-wrapped pieces are the perfect way to enjoy ... 

  • Fruit Delights Twelve Pack Case

    Fruit Delights Twelve Pack Case

    A Great Value! Twelve-pack case of 8-oz. Fruit Delights Assortment including six fruit flavors with Almonds, Pe... 

  • Northwest Trio Gift

    Northwest Trio Gift

    From our home to yours! Here's a trio of candy assortments from the orchards of Washington State to the... 

  • Fruit & Nut Bars

    Fruit & Nut Bars

    Our most popular fruit-and-nut flavors, ready to go! A thoughtful gift for busy families, and a great w... 

  • 7oz Pecan Delights

    7oz Pecan Delights

    Available only while supplies last! This item must ship now rather than being delayed for a f... 

  • Value Packs Bulk-Style

    Value Packs Bulk-Style

    Save on our regular flavors in irregular shapes! When you make candies the old-fashioned way, like we ...