Aplets & Cotlets

Our Famous Apple-Walnut & Apricot-Walnut Candies from the Pacific Northwest! The blossom-fresh flavor of crisp Washington apples, the tangy goodness of ripe apricots (locally known as "cots"), and the nutty richness of crunchy English walnuts have made our namesake Aplets and Cotlets our top sellers since 1920! We still do most everything by hand, just like when we first began making our famous candies, so you can taste the nostalgia in every bite!

  • Aplets & Cotlets

    Aplets & Cotlets

    Give our original confections, made the same way for 100 years! The blossom-fresh flavor of crisp Wash... 

  • Less Sweet Aplets & Cotlets

    Less Sweet Aplets & Cotlets

    A bold new taste for an old favorite! After 98 years of making America's favorite fruit-n-nut candies, ... 

  • Nut-Free Apple & Apricot Smoothees

    Nut-Free Apple & Apricot Smoothees

    Our purest expression of fruit flavor! Without the nuts, our candies have an irresistible smooth textur... 

  • Deluxe Assortment Gift

    Deluxe Assortment Gift

    The most variety... our 12-flavor assortment of fruit & nut candies! We've combined our most popular f... 

  • Turkish Delight

    Turkish Delight

    Tastes right out of Arabian Nights! Our fruit-and-nut candies are actually derived from locoum, also kn... 

  • Extra Nut Aplets & Cotlets

    Extra Nut Aplets & Cotlets

    For nut-lovers... famous Aplets & Cotlets with 33% more walnuts! In celebration of our 90th Year Annive... 

  • Fruit & Nut Bars

    Fruit & Nut Bars

    Our most popular fruit-and-nut flavors, ready to go! A thoughtful gift for busy families, and a great w... 

  • 99 Years of Aplets Assortment

    99 Years of Aplets Assortment

    Celebrating our very first fruit-and-nut confection! Our very first candy, Aplets, is still one of our... 

  • 32-page A Sweet Century Book

    32-page A Sweet Century Book

    Follow our 100 year history from the founding of Liberty Orchards and creating America's favorite fruit-and-nut candies.... 

  • Orchard Trio Gift

    Orchard Trio Gift

    Three of our famous originals! We've piled up a trio of our best-selling gift boxes and tied them all t... 

  • Spring Delights

    Spring Delights

    The flavors of Spring in a pretty gift box! This beautiful presentation of our favorite individually-wr... 

  • The Ultimate Deluxe Assortment

    The Ultimate Deluxe Assortment

    A big box of our most popular flavors...wrapped up in golden splendor! It's said that you can't get eno... 

  • Sugar-Free Aplets & Cotlets

    Sugar-Free Aplets & Cotlets

    Our original classics, made without the sugar! Everyone seems to love our original candies, so it's no ... 

  • Minis Snack Boxes

    Minis Snack Boxes

    Individually-wrapped pieces of our most popular candies! For those times when you'd like to tuck away j... 

  • Aplets Only

    Aplets Only

    Filled with our very first candies at a limited-time price! We're celebrating the blossom-fresh flavor... 

  • Gift Collections

    Gift Collections

    Aplets & Cotlets and Fruit Delights, ready for giving in a celebration sleeve! We've bound our two most... 

  • Minis Gift Buckets

    Minis Gift Buckets

    A fun way to give our most popular candies! We've filled a charming assortment of durable, 5.5-inch tall Melamine bucket... 

  • Minis Gift Boxes

    Minis Gift Boxes

    A beautiful presentation of our classics! Our individually-wrapped pieces are the perfect way to enjoy ... 

  • Gift Box Stacked Classics

    Gift Box Stacked Classics

    We've taken five of our most popular candy assortments and created a variety-packed gift for any occasion! Choose from ... 

  • NEW Deluxe Assortment

    NEW Deluxe Assortment

    New Assortment for 2022! Our finest candies, beautifully gift-boxed! For ... 

  • Individually-Wrapped Minis Mystery Assortment

    Individually-Wrapped Minis Mystery Assortment

    A random assortment of what we've been cooking up in our candy kitchen! Our individually-wrapped candie...