Customer Service

To contact our Customer Service Department:

Phone: 1-800-888-5696 (from within the U.S. and Canada) or 1-509-782-1000
Here are some commonly asked questions:
  • Is a secure website?
    Yes, our website is a Comodo Authentic Site secured by SSL, so your credit card information is safe with us.
  • Where can I buy your products in retail stores?
    In the Pacific Northwest, you can find our product year-round at most retailers that stock confectionary products. In the rest of the country, our products tend to be available only during the fall for the holiday season. Most major national retail chains (mass merchandisers, drug stores) carry our primary brand (Aplets & Cotlets, Fruit Delights) in one or more sizes. For a list of retailers that carry our products, call us at 1-800-888-5696 or email us at
  • How do I place an order on your website?
    After you've filled your Shopping Cart with the items you want to order, click the green Checkout button. Then just fill in the information blocks and follow the prompts throughout the order process.
  • How do I tell you which item to send to which recipient?
    On the Product Page under the item name, there are two boxes where you can either Select a Recipient by clicking the blue drop down arrow, or you can Add a Recipient by typing in their name. Then when you get to the Shipping page you'll be asked to enter their full name and address.
  • How much do you charge for shipping & handling?
    At the bottom of your screen click on the Shipping Info link and this will take you to the Shipping Information page where you'll find shipping rates and related information. You'll also see shipping & handling charges on the Order Total page, after you enter addresses for your recipients.
  • How do I get the offers shown in your catalog by placing my order on your website?
    On the My Shopping Cart page, we ask you to enter your Catalog Code so that we can make sure you get the catalog offers that you qualify for.
  • How do I use coupons you sent to me in the mail?
    On the My Shopping Cart page, just enter the catalog code from the catalog that came with your coupons, and we'll make sure you get the offers you qualify for. You can also enter the code on the coupon, and again, we'll make sure you get the offers you qualify for.
  • How do I request a catalog?
    Look on the left hand side of your screen for "Free Catalog" and click on the green Go button. Fill out the required information and click on the green Request button.
  • What is Locoum?
    Our original product, Aplets, was based on a recipe for Locoum, the famous confection of the eastern Mediterranean. Locoum is most associated with Turkey, where it is often called Rahat Locoum. When the British were active in Turkey many years ago, they developed a taste for Locoum, but changed the name to "Turkish Delight" to make it more marketable back in England. Locoum is popular throughout the eastern Mediterranean, and goes by many similar names... Loukoumi, Lokum, Halcoum, and so on. Liberty Orchards products are similar to traditional locoums, but they've evolved along a different path to appeal to the American market. Traditional locoums are often made with exotic flavorings like oil of rose, orange blossom oil, and bergamot and nuts from that part of the world, especially walnuts and pistachios. Our products are made with the fruits and nuts that are grown in the Americas, including berries, tropical fruits, pecans and macadamias, along with the traditional nuts like walnuts.
  • Are Liberty Orchards products Kosher?
    All of our primary products, such as Aplets & Cotlets and Fruit Delights, are Kosher-certified by Rabbi Genauer of KofK. All Kosher products are identified as such on their individual product page.
  • Do you make all your candies in Cashmere Washington?
    Yes, we make all of our candies right here in the original building that our founders started making Aplets back in 1918. We then began selling our candies commercially in 1920, which we celebrate as our "anniversary date!"
  • What's a Cotlet?
    A few years after our founders created "Aplets", they went to work on an apricot and walnut companion product which they named Cotlets. In our part of the country, the nickname for Apricots is "Cots". Our founders thought the brand "Cotlet" was catchier than "Apricotlet". We think they were right, but it has created some confusion over the years. Occasionally, we hear people call them "Cutlets" or "Cobblets". That's OK. Whatever you call them, they're still delicious.
  • Are your candies gluten free?
    Yes, all of the candies we produce here in our factory are gluten free.
  • Do you still have orchards?
    No, we sold the orchards about 70 years ago. In the beginning, we made Aplets with our own apples by squeezing the juice out of the apples. But there was too much variation in the juice we made, which resulted in an inconsistent finished product. Sometimes, the candy wouldn't even set. We found we could make a much better product by using apple concentrate that was made by fruit juice processors who were expert at making a consistent product.
  • Is it still a family-owned business?
    Yes, the descendants of Mark Balaban and Armen Tertsagian still own the company. The company was managed for many years by a second generation of family, John Chakirian and Richard Odabashian. The third generation of the family is represented by Greg Taylor, the grandson of Armen Tertsagian and now company President.
  • Do you give factory tours?
    Yes, a good one! Every year, over 60,000 visitors tour our factory and enjoy lots of free samples. Our region of Washington State is a tourists delight, with must-see destinations like Leavenworth (The Bavarian Village), the Cascade Loop drive, Lake Chelan, Grand Coulee Dam, great hiking and fishing, the best river-rafting... the list goes on and on. We'd love to see you here in Cashmere. You can find more information about visiting our factory here.
  • Can I order from your company year-round, or just during the holidays?
    Liberty Orchards candies are available for purchase year-round by phone, mail, or through our website. And, many of our baked goods and Homestyle candies are also available year-round. Of course, our holiday-themed products are only available during their respective holiday.
  • How far away do you ship the candy (how many countries)?
    We ship our candies all over the world, with Canada, Japan, and England leading the way in most orders shipped outside the United States. If you have further questions regarding shipping to a foreign country, call our customer service department at 1-800-888-5696 (if you're outside the U.S. or Canada, dial 1-509-782-1000.).
To request a catalog:
  1. Click on the Free Catalog area in the lower left-hand corner of our home page.
  2. Or, click on the words Request a Catalog at the very bottom of our home page.
  3. Enter the required information, indicated with a red star, and click on the green Request button.