Delicious Gifts made from Fruits, Nuts, and Chocolate... need we say more? Our customers tell us our chocolates are the best they've tasted. And no wonder. We dip our classic candies in our own exclusive, premium blend of flavorful dark and creamy milk chocolate for a taste that's pure heaven! Also available are our dream-come-true "Dreamlets" and decadently rich chocolate truffles.

  • Holiday Fruit Chocolates

    Holiday Fruit Chocolates

    Chocolates decorated for the season! We've taken our Strawberry-Walnut, Raspberry-Pecan, Cherry-Pecan, ... 

  • Classic Fruit Chocolates Gift Box

    Classic Fruit Chocolates Gift Box

    The gift that chocolate lovers rave about! We dip our classic candies in a premium blend of creamy milk... 

  • Liberty Orchards Truffles

    Liberty Orchards Truffles

    Hand-crafted truffle perfection! We start with a silky-smooth ganache center, rolled by hand. Then we c... 

  • Orchard Bar Chocolates Gift Box

    Orchard Bar Chocolates Gift Box

    The decadent fruit flavors of our Orchard Bars are now available drizzled in dark chocolate! Includes S... 

  • Orchard Chocolates Gift

    Orchard Chocolates Gift

    We're sure the chocolate lovers on your gift list will agree, if life is like a box of chocolates, life is reall... 

  • Homestyle Trio Gift

    Homestyle Trio Gift

    Three homestyle favorites in one gift! This beautifully gift-boxed assortment contains a trio of our mo... 

  • Dark Maraschino Cherry

    Dark Maraschino Cherry

    Experience our own rendition of a "cherry cordial"! We've added generous chunks of real Maraschino cher... 

  • Salted Caramels

    Salted Caramels

    Chocolate-dipped caramels...with a twist! We've taken buttery kettle-cooked caramels, drenched them in ... 

  • Glacéed Apricots

    Glacéed Apricots

    Succulent treats, ripe for giving! Our premium Glacéed Apricots start out as fresh, sun-warmed f... 

  • Happy Holidays Quartet

    Happy Holidays Quartet

    Our classic candies, all dressed up for holiday giving! This seasonal charmer includes our famous origi... 

  • Holiday Mint Crunch

    Holiday Mint Crunch

    A velvety chocolate center is blended with crunchy bits of peppermint candy then drenched in rich dark ... 

  • Dark Fruit Chocolates

    Dark Fruit Chocolates

    A bold new way to enjoy our classics! For those who enjoy the rich flavor of dark chocolate, we've take... 

  • Berry Bites

    Berry Bites

    A symphony of fruit and chocolate! We take ripe berries and apricots, picked at the height of freshness... 

  • Peanut Butter Dreamlets

    Peanut Butter Dreamlets

    NOW with even MORE peanut butter flavor! We've added an extra helping of real crunchy peanut butter and... 

  • Brownie Dreamlets

    Brownie Dreamlets

    A nut-filled version of our classic Dreamlets candies! Inspired by gourmet brownie treats, we've added ... 

  • Chocolate Dreamlets Assortment

    Chocolate Dreamlets Assortment

    Creamy, dreamy, flavorful chocolates! The mousse-like filling in our Dreamlets candies is so rich and s... 

  • Peanut Butter Bliss

    Peanut Butter Bliss

    Deliciously soft peanut butter candy topped with a rich chocolate frosting and cut into bite-sized piec... 

  • Dark Coconut-Almond Chocolates

    Dark Coconut-Almond Chocolates

    Dark chocolates with a nutty crunch! We've loaded our classic coconut candies with crunchy almond bits... 

  • Dark Mint Chocolates

    Dark Mint Chocolates

    Smooth candies with a burst of mint! We've taken our cool Mint Julep nut-free candies and drenched the... 

  • Divinity & Rocky Road Candies

    Divinity & Rocky Road Candies

    Light and fluffy delights! Our classic Divinity combines sweet vanilla and crunchy walnuts. And our Roc... 

  • Almond Butter Toffee

    Almond Butter Toffee

    A perfectly nutty, chocolatey crunch! Our homestyle toffee is made from pure sugar, fresh dairy butter,... 

  • Peppermint Bark

    Peppermint Bark

    A refreshing favorite! We sprinkle crunchy bits of colorful mint candies onto luscious vanilla cream, l... 

  • Extra-Nut Fruit Chocolates

    Extra-Nut Fruit Chocolates

    The delicious treat that nut-lovers crave! Like a little extra "crunch" in your fruit-and-nut candies? ... 

  • Banquet Trays

    Banquet Trays

    A bounty of flavors to suit every taste! These snack-time treasures hold a generous assortment of sweet... 

  • Classic Fudge Combo

    Classic Fudge Combo

    Rich and creamy classic fudges! Remember the silky texture and rich flavors of homestyle choco... 

  • Sugar-Free Fruit Chocolates

    Sugar-Free Fruit Chocolates

    So indulgent, it's hard to believe they're sugar-free! With every bite of our rich, creamy, chocolatey ... 

  • Sugar-Free Dark Fruit Chocolates

    Sugar-Free Dark Fruit Chocolates

    A bold new version of a classic! Know somebody who likes dark chocolate, but can't eat sugar? Send them... 

  • Nut-Free Chocolate Smoothees

    Nut-Free Chocolate Smoothees

    Sensationally smooth and fruity nut-free chocolates! We've drenched our nut-free candies in a luscious ... 

  • Pecan-Caramel Clusters

    Pecan-Caramel Clusters

    Creamy, chewy, crunchy, delicious! Our old-fashioned classic is made with only the finest ingredients..... 

  • Hawaiian Delights

    Hawaiian Delights

    An exotic version of our traditional fruit-and-nut candies! We slow-cook the essences of tropical fruit... 

  • Hawaiian Delights Gift Trio

    Hawaiian Delights Gift Trio

    All their tropical favorites in one gift! All three of our tempting Hawaiian Delights fruit-and-macadam... 

  • Value Packs Bulk-Style

    Value Packs Bulk-Style

    Save on our regular flavors in irregular shapes! When you make candies the old-fashioned way, like we ...